AAC Communication Partner Self-reflection

May 24, 2023

The end of the school year often brings the chance to look back at the previous months to evaluate what worked, what didn't, and what changes might be needed for the years ahead.

Often, these final weeks of class time include reviews of progress on goals and IEPs.  As an AAC communication partner, this is also a valuable opportunity to think back on interactions, lessons, and engagements to analyze the successes or struggles of the communication team (and if we are honest, there will always be both).

The end of the school year is the PERFECT time to encourage communication team members to pause for a moment of self-reflection before diving into the summer break.  

CoughDrop has long shared this Communication Partner Profile to help individuals and teams evaluate their goals, progress, and interactions with AAC users.  

This simple self-reflection form allows AAC supporters to think about their behaviors and determine if there is room for growth (and there's ALWAYS room for growth).  

AAC Communication Partner Profile

This profile, built from research and AAC best practices, encourages a review of actions and behaviors in several different areas including:

  • Personal Interactions with AAC Users
  • Observation & Coaching others with AAC users
  • Collaborating as an AAC Support Team
  • Paying Attention to Growth Opportunities
  • AAC Use in Different Settings
  • Keeping the AAC User Central to Decisions and Needs
  • and more

This self-reflection is intended NOT as a means to make people feel guilty or as though they are failing – instead, this is a way to reflect on what you are doing well and what simple adjustments might be made to do even better.

This review is valuable at the close of the school year as a tool to see how supporters really feel about the work they are doing as they encourage and support communicators.  Completing this appraisal while the events of the school year are still fresh in their minds is a powerful opportunity.  When school begins next year, a quick assessment to remember the ideas, suggestions, and growth opportunities identified at the close of the last school year can be the perfect starting place for a new learning season.

Of course, the school year looks different at different schools and even in different geographic locations around the world – and an AAC Self-Reflection is valuable for more than just school-based AAC teams.

This simple, self-reflection is the perfect opportunity for private therapists, families, playgroup leaders, neighbors, or others who regularly engage with AAC users to critique their own chances to improve communication.

After all, communication is really about connection – and we want to strengthen those connections whenever possible because PEOPLE are what matter most in life.

(This image shows a VERY SIMPLIFIED version of the AAC Self-Reflection questions)


Taking just a few moments now to think about the overall communication support, learning, and growth from the year lays a foundation for better AAC education and study for not just AAC communicators but also AAC supporters in the months ahead.

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams