AAC...Easy as 1-2-3

Sep 18, 2018

September can get WILD!

So, we've put together some AAC focused resources that just might make your back-to-school adventure a little bit easier (and a bit more communicative).

AAC Word Dice

Roll dice and find the word on the corresponding speech board, build a sentence using the different parts of speech -- you can do LOTS of great things with these babies. Check out this post from Speechy Musings which inspired the creation of these dice in the first place.


Partners Flipbook for the Communication Team

Start the year by defining the needs and support actions for everyone surrounding your AAC communicator. Parents, siblings, teachers, and therapists -- this simple flip books helps everyone better understand their role in strengthening communication.


Communication Workshop for Core Vocabulary

Just a few weeks ago, CoughDrop released a new website FULL of FREE aids to encourage vocabulary learning in AAC learners (or, really, any language learner). This site allows you to select a core vocabulary word and then access printables, activities, take homes, and more for more than 200 words. You could focus on a core word of the week or fit these resources into your curriculum. Pretty awesome!! (if we do say so ourselves)


Core Word Focused Books on a Speech Board

When you are working to teach core vocabulary, a speech board like this one can help to support that learning by linking to books which open directly within the app that reinforce your chosen core words. Try it, you might like it.


Back-to-School Webinar from CoughDrop

And if you need a bit more in depth information about using CoughDrop AAC for communication, setting and tracking goals, connecting the whole AAC team and more just register for our upcoming back-to-school webinar. The session is free and will touch on many AAC basics and help to encourage your AAC team.


Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams