How CoughDrop's org management tool benefits AAC classrooms, schools, & groups

Jan 10, 2018

Managing a group of students takes work.

When you add one more complex feature to the mix -- like communication using AAC -- it can kick the work needed to stay on top of things up another notch (or maybe several notches).

So when there is a solution to make that work easier and remove some of the stress of "one more thing to do," it's good to take it!

Almost exactly one year ago, CoughDrop released a new feature which helps AAC teams in their quest to build communication. CoughDrop's organization management tools for AAC helps schools, teams, and groups arrange and track their AAC communicators in a way that encourages growth and team support.

This first of its kind organization feature is built directly into CoughDrop's AAC app.

It allows groups to organize students by classroom, teacher, or team. It tracks AAC communication by individual, group, and organization and displays that information for quick assessment and review. It allows assigned supervisors (like teachers or SLPs) one-touch access to their students' speech boards or settings. It gives managers the ability to add new supervisors and assign them a caseload of students. It also allows administrators to adjust communicator information, reset passwords, designate a preferred home board for their group and much more.

This tool is a one-stop shop for AAC information surrounding any group of AAC communicators and supporters.

We'd love for you to learn all about it. Follow the blog this month for weekly updates relating to the organization management tool and all its fancy features, or contact CoughDrop now for a free demonstration.

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams