What's Yours? -- AAC Keys to Success

May 18, 2021

AAC in the Cloud 2021 is coming up fast – in fact, it's only about a month away.  This year's theme, "Unlock the Possibilities" aims to remind people that solid communication is always a possibility and that with a bit of focus and effort incredible things can happen.

We know that great ideas and awesome suggestions are not limited to AAC in the Cloud sessions (although we guarantee you'll find incredible recommendations there).  

So we're inviting EVERYONE in the AAC community to share their own ideas, suggestions, activities, successes, failures that taught lessons, goals, hints, tips, clues and everything in between to unlock the power of the community in encouraging AAC growth.  

Do you have an AAC-centric tip to share?  We'd love to hear it and share it with the rest of the community as part of AAC in the Cloud 2021.  

Just add your tip through this Google form and we'll create a graphic to get your tip in front of AAC users around the world.  We'll share your name if you like (we'd love to help you become famous for your AAC prowess) or keep you anonymous if you prefer.   These community shared thoughts have proven to be a favorite part of AAC in the Cloud year after year.  

Add YOUR key to AAC success here

We believe in the power of community and we believe that these keys to AAC success can be a significant support to everyone working for communication triumph.  

On left side of graphic, a hand holds a large key in a vertical line.  The full graphic is laid over a light blue background.  Across the top of the image a heading reads "AAC Keys to Success."  A white quote box reads "Because I am an adult AAC user, a person who mentored me suggested that I use children's journal prompts in order to learn where my words were each night instead of having someone model.  Naomi H.  Below the quote box there is an AAC in the Cloud graphic in the corner."

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams