CoughDrop AAC - World Autism Month Sale 2022

Mar 29, 2022

While the need for augmentative and alternative communication extends well beyond any one diagnosis, it's true that many people with Autism find AAC a help when it comes to communication.

In honor of World Autism Month in April, CoughDrop is giving a discount on lifetime AAC accounts purchased through our website to try to make AAC more accessible to families and individuals who benefit from communication support.

While CoughDrop always offers a 2-month free trial so that anyone can be sure AAC is the right fit before making a purchase, this annual discount allows people the chance to great this incredible communication support at a really incredible price.

Butter yellow background with a number of white and teal stars and circles sprinkled like confetti around the page.  The message reads, "In honor of World Autism Month" Coughrop is offering lifetime accounts at 50% off april 3 - 9, 2022.  Get a lifetime account for just $100 USD when purchased through our website  The CoughDrop logo (3 overlapping CoughDrops in blue, mustard, and red) displays in the bottom right corner.

To take advantage of this amazing deal, create a free trial account and then purchase on the "billing" section of your account page.

If you don't yet have an account and want to purchase a discounted gift code to be applied later, you can do that through this link, then apply that code to an account at a later time.

CoughDrop Gift Code: Sale 2022

What you get when you purchase

Purchased during this sale, these lifetime accounts will never expire and include all of CoughDrop's built-in AAC features like

  • Board Creation
  • Multiple Image Libraries
  • Translation Features
  • Voice Selection including 2 Free Premium Voice Downloads
  • Sidebar Access
  • Thousands of Publicly Shared Board Sets
  • Board Printing
  • Connecting Buttons to Websites or Apps
  • Modeling Options...and more!

On top of that, every lifetime account purchase also includes access to 5 years of CoughDrop's AAC Cloud Extras at no additional cost.  These functions enhance AAC supports and team integrations to keep everyone surrounding the AAC user connected and focused.  These features include:

  • In-app Reports
  • Usage Logs
  • Team Messaging
  • In-app Evaluation Feature
  • Location-based Data
  • Organization Management Tools
  • Goals & Badges...and more

Don't miss the chance to get incredible AAC at an incredible price!!

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams