Introducing CoughDrop's Let's Grow Language Classroom!

Sep 13, 2022

We are thrilled to launch our Let’s Grow Language Classroom - a place that simplifies AAC implementation and makes learning fun!

CoughDrop’s Let's Grow Language Classroom is a robust AAC implementation tool that contains eight weeks of learning plans designed to shape routine activities into learning and growing opportunities for emergent communicators. Structured yet engaging activities are also available in each learning plan to extend and supplement language growth beyond routine activities, as well as modeling ideas.

Be sure to further explore the Let’s Grow Language Classroom as it contains additional resources that are invaluable to the AAC implementation process.

Take an in-depth look at CoughDrop’s Let’s Grow Language Classroom!

How tall will you grow language?

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Hannah Foley

Empowering Teams of Those With Complex Communication Needs Through Support and Implementation