Introducing A New Voice in CoughDrop ;-)

Apr 1, 2016

We're excited to announce the addition of a new speech-generating voice for use in the CoughDrop app! Individuals with speech or communication issues can use [CoughDrop](" target="_blank) to select words or build sentences that the app will speak for them, and CoughDrop users can already use the large library of Acapela voices in our Android, iOS and Amazon apps. But that just didn't seem good enough to us. Something was missing.

all hand in, teamHow'd that picture get in here?

As we thought long and hard about what voices we could add that would help our communicators be heard more clearly, it came to us. The best way to help communicators make their voices heard would be to add a yelling voice! One that people would immediately recognize and respond to.

As such, we're happy to announce that, starting today, the mobile CoughDrop applications will have a brand new voice option! We didn't actually clear any copyright issues*, so we can't say the name of the voice here in the blog post, but we're sure you'll be as happy as we are with the result. ¡Lo hicimos!

Rather than hire an expensive voice actor, we just took a bunch of old recordings from our DVR and pulled out the most common sound bytes. After all, everyone knows that "SWIPER NO SWIPING!", "GRAB YOUR BACKPACK!", and "BOOTS!" are about as core as your vocabulary can get. And if none of the sound bytes match what's programmed on a button, the system will replace it with the next-best thing. We're confident you'll be able to figure out what communicators mean when they shout "LET'S CHECK THE MAP" or "WE DID IT!" repeatedly.

We're happy to provide this innovative new resource for communicators worldwide! Just please keep in mind that if anybody rats us out we'll probably get sued, so keep it on the down-low. It's all right, it's for the children!

*In case you didn't catch it, Happy April Fool's Day! We love communication, but we'd never subject anyone to a second longer of shouting Dora than they've probably already experienced. But in case you feel differently, we've embedded a nice remix you'll probably enjoy. And if you haven't tried CoughDrop, we'd love for you to [sign up for free](" target="_blank) and try out our innovative new AAC app.

Clayton Smeltz

CoughDrop Founder