There's nothing "lucky" about good communication

Mar 12, 2019

Sometimes life takes a lucky turn.

And sometimes not.

Maybe you've heard phrases like these as you've worked with speech and communication in the past.

"You're lucky to have a way to communicate."
"Isn't it lucky they helped you learn about AAC?"
"What luck that someone realized you needed help to be able to speak."
"You're lucky to have a great communication partner."
"It's lucky you can tell us what you want."

And we only have one thing to say about that...


AAC is increble. It really is. It changes lives for the better every single day in every country around the world.

But AAC is not something that people can simply make a wish for then suddenly, magically, it appears and brings solid communication to the life of the person it touches without any kind of effort, learning, pain, practice, or exertion.

Like almost everything else in life that actually matters, successful communication with AAC requires a major investment in work.

AAC requires time, energy, focus, attention, mental and physical toil, not to mention patience, persistence, determination, and creativity. None of that stands on luck.

It demands desire from not only the person looking to communicate but also their family, teachers, therapists, and other supporters. AAC takes an entire team in order to be successful. It takes attention from everyone involved.

It will bring frustrating moments when it seems like success will never come.

But it will also bring elation and joy when the edurance pays off and words slowly, but surely, begin to flow.

As you move forward in your AAC journey, whatever your role, we do wish you luck...but we know full well that you don't really need it!

Learn a bit about the role of everyone involved with AAC in this simple flip book for supporters and families.

AAC Supporters Flip Book


Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams