More than words in communication

Nov 7, 2017

When it comes to augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) we have a pretty heavy focus on words. Words are powerful and kind of the perfect tool for expressing our thoughts, needs, and feelings.

But some parts of communication go beyond just words.

What about the little, everyday communication pieces that we all take for granted. These could easily get lost while navigating speech boards. What if you want to laugh at a joke or heave a heavy sigh? What if you want to cry or hum or make kissy sounds to the cute kid in class? Those things are pretty clear communication as well (although, maybe kissy sounds in class is not the best thing to encourage).

Now, don't misunderstand, words are THE MOST important piece to an AAC speech board. Language learning, communication, reading, composing phrases -- all of that links back to words and that is awesome.

But sometimes the communication you need is more than words. Try our 'everyday sounds' board for yourself below.

And, as long as we've got your attention...

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