Printable AAC Bracelet for Halloween Fun

Oct 25, 2022

Being able to communicate and share a message is important ALL the time.  But when a favorite, holiday activity revolves around the ability to share a message aloud, it becomes even more important.

With Halloween approaching, we think EVERYONE should have a way to "Trick-or-Treat" their way into sugary excitement and spooky fun.

So CoughDrop has created these simple, printable Trick-or-Treat speech bracelets with some core words that can help even non-speaking candy-goers share their message.

These bracelets make it easy for non-speaking trick-or-treaters to get into the spirit of the events and communicate their desires even if carrying an AAC device is difficult while dressed up and packing a candy sack.  

Cut, print, and laminate these strips then add them as a bracelet, a lanyard, or even on a candy container as your costumed friends head into the school or into the neighborhood to fill their day with fun and treats.  

Heading reads "Printable AAC Trick-or-Treat Bracelets from CoughDrop."  Below the heading are 5 identical strips with speech buttons containing the words "don't" "want" "like" "Trick or Treat" "yes" "no" and "thank you.

We hope this simple resource will help your AAC communicator (and all the other ghouls and boys) have better access to communication and Halloween fun!

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams