Quick Create AAC Core Flip-Book

May 8, 2018

High tech AAC is amazing. It makes communication possible quickly and easily in many situations and allows those who struggle to be heard to have a way to vocalize their feelings, needs, and ideas.

But there are times when a high tech communication solution is not the best option (think the pool or beach) or when you need a different solution (dead battery, lost or broken device).

It's a good idea to have a back-up plan...but it's even better if your back-up plan is a mirror of the communication set you are already accustomed to using every day

Printing a copy of your CoughDrop board set and arranging it into a simple flip book is one way to make that happen.

CoughDrop has an in-app printing option which allows you to create and then print a pdf file of your speech boards (this pdf can also be saved for quick access any time if needed).

Just open the board set you want to print, and select that option from the menu.

Customize your print by choosing whether to include the header and whether to print the full board set or just one board.

Hit "print" and watch the pages spill out of your machine.

Once your communication set is printed, be sure it is organized by page number.

It might be a good idea to put these pages in plastic sheets to make them more durable (and a tiny bit liquid proof). Grab yourself a binder in your favorite color and pop the pages inside.

The page numbers noted in the speech button corners indicate which page to flip to in order to access the corresponding speech board for that button so the flip book matches your digital communication set exactly.

Once you've put it all together, TA-DA! A low tech copy of your high tech communication set ready for situations when high tech may not be available or may not be the best option.

It might be a good idea to practice or model with this set occasionally with your communicator so they can see that it gives access to the same words and is just one more way to communicate.

Need to print a communication set? Try these core vocabulary speech pages to create a light-tech flip book of your own.

Click the link below, exit speak mode using the menu under the user icon, then open the drop-down menu under more to print.

Printable Core 24 AAC set for flip book


Printable Core 60 AAC set for flip book


Printable Core 112 AAC set for flip book

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams