In this room we AAC: arranging communicators by room or group to encourage growth

Jan 30, 2018

There can be big advantages to working in a group. Think about communication, teamwork, content reinforcement, pooled knowledge and experience, individual accountability, and increased number of perspectives to get a good idea of how groups support each individual learner.

Assembing AAC communicators into a team or group can be a formidable learning tool.

So what if your AAC app could mimic your real-life classroom when it comes to the AAC users and their individual boards, buttons, and preferences?

What if your AAC app encouraged not just solo speech performance, but also aided AAC supporters who manage groups of communicators?


Let us tell you more.

When working with multiple AAC communicators, you could quickly get bogged down by having to log in and out of different devices or having to move to each child's talker to model words and phrases appropriately.


But we want to make your life easier, so CoughDrop has included in its organization management tool the option to divide communicators by room, assign a teacher or therapist to each group, and access it all from a manager's or supervisor's CoughDrop account.

Imagine opening your own free account and having one-touch access to each student's personal board set, preferences, and even historical logs of AAC speech and daily AAC use.

You could model each child's speech set straight from your own device. You could make adjustments or add buttons while the group is working without having to take the student's talker away.

As an organization manager, you can rearrange AAC students under different teachers or supervisors at the start of a new school year, or when they change therapists, specialists, or classrooms.

You can add new supervisors to your organization and update their caseload all within your organization management tool giving them quick access to each student's settings and vocabulary.

You can even view historical data about the room as a whole or check AAC usage or reports for each student in the room.

See who is using AAC and who isn't. Compare classroom to classroom to get an overall feel for success, and work as a team to set goals for improvement.

CoughDrop rooms could arrange communicators by physical classroom, age, SLP caseload or any other helpful grouping.

The rooms option is just one more way CoughDrop's Organization Management Tool can benefit schools, districts, and groups so that you can focus on teaching while we help you keep track of the information.

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams