What in the world are AAC cloud extras?

Sep 13, 2017

CoughDrop is a robust AAC program which can run on basically any device.

But besides speaking words from speech buttons, providing access to multiple voice options, linking several image libraries, printing speech boards, sharing boards between accounts, and connecting AAC buttons to outside websites or apps -- CoughDrop ALSO offers its users access to some awesome bonus features.

These 'cloud extras' are supplemental components built into the app which encourage growth and help communication teams to better support their AAC user on top of basic AAC functions.

CoughDrop cloud extra features include:

  • Speech Logs: CoughDrop can track all words spoken within an account and can provide a log of this usage to quickly allow AAC advocates to see what words are being used over time.

  • Usage Reports: CoughDrop provides several in-app reports which give communication teams a deeper look at most used vocabulary, core vs fringe word use, speech by time of day, a heat map of screen access, and more.

  • Built-in AAC Evaluation Tool: CoughDrop has a built-in evaluation tool which allows you to assess the AAC options that best fit your communicator. This feature can help you to determine the button size, board layout, graphics, and other options that may best help you support communication growth. You can run an evaluation and then review the results of that evaluation as needed.

  • Messaging: While CoughDrop users can send messages via email, Twitter, Facebook, and more directly from speak mode, CoughDrop's cloud extras allow everyone linked to a communicators account (like parents, teachers, and therapists) to stay connected with direct messaging of the communication team. AAC supporters can add notes about progress, questions about changes, or suggestions and reminders to the team message bank to stay connected and focused.

  • Goals & Badges: Many AAC goals can be created and tracked straight within the CoughDrop program. CoughDrop's goals feature allows users to set speech goals and even award badges when a goal is met. CoughDrop also posts reminders for goals set within the system and provides an evaluation tool for use by AAC support teams.

  • Location Based Information: CoughDrop can allow AAC teams to view speech information based on location IF location tracking is enabled within the account. This can help teams better understand what language is being used at home vs school or in therapy vs at play. Location features can help teams better understand the big picture for a user and can create accountability and cohesion in a communication team.

CoughDrop is always looking for ways to better assist AAC users and their supporters so the list of cloud extras is always growing.

The purchase of a lifetime CoughDrop account includes five years of these cloud extras for FREE as part of the purchase.

Learn more about how to access CoughDrop's cloud extras here.

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams