You did WHAT? Innovations in AAC

Jan 3, 2018

For too long, AAC has been stuck -- the same apps offering the same features with little more than sluggish forward progress.

But times have changed.

A quick glance back through 2017 shows a string of forward-thinking advances that have made CoughDrop one of the most team-centric, substantial AAC options available.

  • Built-in Translation Feature: This year, CoughDrop added a translation feature to its growing list of properties. You can now translate a board from one language to another with just a few button presses so you can utelize AAC in many tongues. Learn more about translating AAC boards here.

  • Partnership with LessonPix: Images are often a HUGE part of AAC and this year CoughDrop teamed up with LessonPix to give easy access to LessonPix images for use on CoughDrop speech boards. Learn more about connecting your CoughDrop & LessonPix accounts here.

  • TarHeel Reader Integration: Reading and literacy are SUPER important whether you're an AAC user or not. So CoughDrop worked to bring reading opportunities straight into your AAC app with TarHeel Readers. READ all about it! (see what we did there)

  • AAC in the Cloud: Besides beefing up our AAC app, CoughDrop wanted to do our part to beef up the AAC community as well. So in June, we held a completely free, completely online, completely AWESOME two day conference focused on everything AAC. Lots of the session are still available to watch (and still free) on our conferene website -- and we're planning to do it again in 2018 so be ready to snag a ticket.

  • Cool Stuff for AAC Supporters: And since the AAC community is important to us, we also created resources to try to benefit AAC supporters everywhere -- things like core phrases calendars for core vocabulary support, Senner-Baud social pages for quicker participation in time-dependant activities, and printable materials like our AAC posters and the ABCs of AAC.

  • Lifetime Purchase Bonus: While CoughDrop has always had flexible purchase options, this year we better defined our lifetime purchase opportunity and the bonus features we include when you make a lifetime purchase. What extras, you may be saying to yourself, well, we'd love to tell you! Click here to learn about a lifetime purchase and cloud extras

And we're not done yet!

At CoughDrop we believe in innovation. We believe in listening to those who use this program. We believe there is always room to grow.

But most importantly, we believe there are people out there without a way to share their voice and we believe we can help to change that.

Happy New Year -- and here's to the next 365 days of helping EVERY voice be heard.

Melissa DeMoux

Former CoughDrop Director of Marketing and Support -- worked with AAC communicators & teams