Vocabulary learning for young readers

aac language learning Sep 27, 2017

Words are a pretty important part of communication (um, yeah, that's an understatement for sure).

When it comes to using augmentative and alternative communication, words really do take center stage.

A large part of our ability to understanding and speak any language is governed by the words that we know. If we don't know the words we may not understand what someone else is saying and we may not be able to communicate what we want to say.

Thankfully, AAC is not only a great way to support speech and communication, it can act as a tool to facilitate learning new words -- and that's a great tool to have.

It's easy to argue that reading is king when it comes to expanding vocabulary.

So when you pair a great AAC app with powerful reading and learning opportunities, vocabulary growth is sure to follow.

Link speech boards to online read aloud books or TarHeel Readers and then connect vocabulary words you've chosen from those books to the speech board as well. This creates a functional, integrated layout not only to expose learners to words through reading but to also reinforce vocabulary growth.

Check out an example of this idea below or click this link for a reading and vocabulary learning idea using AAC.

Resources like this can be used at home or at school so the entire communication team can be involved in supporting the learning. Use CoughDrop's in-app messaging feature to update everyone connected with the user's account and let them know what words to focus on and how things are going.


They're pretty great.

Let's learn (and teach) them ALL!